Music Spotlight

XIII Minutes – Obsessed

Donn King | April 17, 2019

To start, I’m blown away by this album. I love the blend of metal styles. Growls, screams and melodic and some numetal sound all mixed in. Very uniqueness to their sound. I love new and different stuff in Christian Metal. I’m telling you that this is the next album you... (read more)

Red, Gone

Donn King | December 19, 2017

Listening to Red’s new album, Gone for probably the tenth time or so on Amazon prime music. Still want the physical copy but I love this album. I don’t know yet, if it’s their best work but either way, it’s awesome. It opens with my favorite track - Step Inside,... (read more)

TFK, The End is Where We Begin Revisited

Linda | October 16, 2017

Thousand Foot Krutch’s 2012 release has been stuck in my car CD player for five years! This concept album takes us on a journey through our faith as Christians. It starts out with a Darth Vader type voice drawing  you in with these words "You have activated all systems, deactivation... (read more)

12 Stones – Picture Perfect

Donn King | August 21, 2017

The 5th release from 12 Stones, Picture Perfect, is a good hard rock release with twelve tracks and two bonus songs make for a nice long album. 12 Stones is an American Christian post-grunge band that was formed in 2000 in Louisiana.  Their last release was Beneath the Scars in... (read more)

Seventh Day Slumber – Found

Donn King | August 21, 2017

It's just heavy enough and yet you can still understand the lyrics perfectly. And that's the style Seventh Day Slumber plays perfectly with a mix of harder music and ballads and Christ centered lyrics. I love heavy metal and really enjoy the real heavy stuff with screams and growls but... (read more)

Nothing Left, Destroy and Rebuild

Donn King | May 14, 2017

This is a new group started by Ryan and Brandon Leitru from the band For Today. They bring in Danon Saylor on vocals from a bullet for pretty boy and Alex Camarena on drums from Silent planet. And so was born a new supergroup. Make no mistake, this is not... (read more)

Dire – Volume 1

Donn King | April 16, 2017

This is Dire, an indie metal band from Georgia's release from 2016. We can expect great things from these guys. The first track All Glory just hits you in the face with Christian metal. The growling in the chorus singing all glory to the one true God just blows you... (read more)

Demon Hunter – Outlive

Donn King | April 15, 2017

With lead vocalist, Ryan Clark's side project of electronic pop, we were worried that they'd go soft. But worry no longer. The new release is plenty heavy. There is some electronic sound but it fits nicely. The album is a great release from a band that is just straight heavy... (read more)

Death Therapy – The Storm Before the Calm

Donn King | March 12, 2017

This is the new project from Jason Wisdom, the former lead singer of Christian death metal band Becoming The Archetype. But he's come up with a totally different sound while still getting his trademark growls into the vocals. What makes it so interesting is that for a metal band, there... (read more)

Red, of Beauty and Rage

Aimee Otero | February 24, 2017

With an exceedingly growing career,  It is no surprise that Red once again makes an outstanding delivery.  This particular album; of Beauty and Rage is by far their greatest work yet. Although they are not known for an upbeat sound,  they nonetheless glorify their Creator with a raw and relative... (read more)

Islander, Power Under Control

Linda | February 12, 2017

I became obsessed with Islander's Power Under Control when every song drew me in and kept me engaged. The songs vary in genre being described as alt-rock, punk via hip-hop inspired,  alt- punk, emo, second wave nu-metal, modern with some retro undertones and likened to a Deftones, POD, Afghan Whigs and... (read more)

Disciple, Long Live The Rebels

Donn King | February 8, 2017

What to say about Disciple? This is their 13th studio release and they continue to stay true to form. They're always good with a nice mix of harder stuff and the power ballad and they do it again here. For me, the ballads God is with Us and Empty Grave... (read more)

Skillet – Comatose 2006

Donn King | January 30, 2017

It's November 2006, I'm new to downstate NY and a brand new born again Christian. Totally clueless about how to read the Bible, I start at the beginning with Genesis. But what do I do about music? I love hard rock and heavy metal. Do I have to give it... (read more)

Silent Planet – Everything Was Sound

Donn King | January 24, 2017

Silent Planet, a metalcore band from California's second full-length release knocks it out of the park much like their first release. With an excellent blend of screams and melodies, Everything Was Sound deals with struggles of mental illness. The band is not afraid to go after the social issues of... (read more)

Awake O Sleeper – A River Wild

Linda | January 22, 2017

A bluesy, Southern rock style guitar riff in a short introduction beckons you into A River Wild, the latest album released by Awake O Sleeper in 2015. All Hands On Deck uses imagery of navigating a ship in rough waters, requiring "all hands on deck" mustering all faith and proclaiming "this... (read more)

Norma Jean, Polar Similar

Donn King | January 8, 2017

From my first listen, this album just blows me away. Most albums take me a few listens to fall for, especially hardcore heavy metal. I like to read the lyrics and then listen again but that was not the case for this album.  It's a perfect blend of screams and... (read more)

Fit For A King – Deathgrip

Donn King | December 8, 2016

Definitely a heavy metal band with good screaming. This is the group's third release and might be a little controversial as the lyrics are pretty dark and delve into the violence and sometimes hopelessness of today's society. The first track is titled, "Pissed Off" and you might wonder what's Christian... (read more)

Theocracy, Ghost Ship

Donn King | November 20, 2016

This interesting band fits into the genre called power metal, which is more popular in Europe than in the US. It reminds me a lot of Stryper or from early Dream Theater from the secular scene. There's no screaming and you can easily hear the lyrics. My favorite song is,... (read more)

Wolves At The Gate, Types and Shadows

Donn King | November 20, 2016

This album is different from the band's earlier releases, which I really liked.  This one is a change of pace, definitely softer metal for them. It is more in line with Demon Hunter's sound.  I like  the album a lot, as much as I love the harder albums, it's nice to... (read more)