Demon Hunter’s Ryan Clark and Album Art

Linda | March 17, 2019

I listened to the Lead Singer Syndrome podcast hosted by Shane Told, frontman of the rock band Silverstein recently. Shane was interviewing Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter . Ryan talked about Demon Hunter's recent albums War and Peace, explaining the thoughts behind releasing both of them around the same time. Interestingly... (read more)

Poetry Inspired by Red’s Until We Have Faces

Aimee Otero | October 17, 2018

Finalizing this one last time. My due process in this world abides. The faceless crowd pointing, screaming, hatred in their plea. But inside me lies a meaning, a release from this disease. Where is the nighttime and has the Light walked into their hearts? Because He is every piece of... (read more)

Donn’s Top 10 Christian Albums

Donn King | July 26, 2018

This is a rundown of my top ten favorite Christian albums. This was tough. I had to leave out a ton of albums and I broke my rule of no live albums. Don’t forget that I’ve been saved since 2006, so it’s mostly newer stuff. Okay, let’s get this started. NUMBER... (read more)

Two Band Merch Items That Can Start a Whole New Trend

Linda | March 31, 2018

Are you looking for items that will help you absolutely kill it on the merch table? For bands these days, merch is king. If you do it right, merch can massively increase revenues for your band’s business.  I have two recommendations that I believe can start a whole new trend.... (read more)

Spring 2018 Concert Tours

Linda | March 11, 2018

With Spring on the horizon getting your concerts lined up may be on your agenda.  Following is a listing of links for concerts , tours and festivals lined up in the US this Spring. If you know of any concerts that aren't listed, email us at rockinwithpurpose@mail.com so we can add... (read more)

In the Mood for Punk

Linda | March 4, 2018

Punk music had it's roots in garage bands of the 60's and old school, African-American blues. Some of the bands that kicked off the musical sound are The Animals, The Buckinghams, The Kinks, MC5, The Seeds, The Standells and The Yardbirds. I've always loved the punk genre. It is born out of that sense of rebellion which, if... (read more)

Donn’s Top 10 Albums of 2017

Donn King | January 10, 2018

Donn’s Top Ten albums of 2017 10) Nothing Left - Destroy and Rebuild 9) August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem 8) Manafest - Stones 7) Phineas - Dark Flag 6) War of Ages - Alpha   5) Demon Hunter - Outlive 4) Seventh Day Slumber - Found 3) Red -... (read more)

Garage Bands of the 60’s

Linda | January 5, 2018

“The ocean sounds like a garage band coming at me like a drunk man”. Have you heard that lyric from Switchfoot’s song “Vice Verses”. What is a garage band?  You would naturally think of it as an amateur band practicing in a garage with a loud, raw kind of rocking... (read more)

Branding Music

Linda | October 7, 2017

Is branding a vital element to surviving in the music industry? When you think of a band, Skillet, for instance, what images come to mind? My mind envisions Skillet as industry professionals, well produced, always entertaining, declaring faith, exploring life's ups and downs. The band is well recognized in mainstream... (read more)

Running with Giants

Linda | April 1, 2017

What you think of when you think of giants? Huge, frightening, bullylike, loud, obnoxious, arrogant, paralyzing, these are some words that I think of. Of course, the biblical Goliath comes to mind and David's encounter with him. On the other hand, there is "standing on the shoulders of giants". These... (read more)

Who Are Those Bad Christians?

Linda | February 21, 2017

Have you heard of the bad Christian movement? I became interested in reading the book, Bad Christian, Great Savior by Matt Carter, Toby Morrell, and Joey Svendsen after being introduced to the movement through some of the bands that I like. The band members of Emery are the authors of... (read more)

Journey to the Center of the Album

Linda | February 9, 2017

The journey of discovering the heart of an album is exciting. I have always loved music, especially rock, metal, alternative, indie and all the "core's", rapcore, metalcore, etc. Writing album reviews, for me is totally not what you would typically consider a review. I don't know the ins and outs... (read more)

Building Walls and Tearing Them Down

Linda | February 1, 2017

Walls have been used throughout history to provide protection, divide countries, lock away prisoners and isolate captives. President Trump is moving to build a 40-foot-tall, 7-foot-deep, 10-inch-thick, and 1,000-mile-long wall border wall with Mexico to stop illegal immigration. The thoughts and opinions surrounding this order abound but we won’t get... (read more)

Are They a Christian Band? (A loaded question)

Linda | October 23, 2016

What Is A Christian Band? You know when you are excited about a band’s music and you share it with someone and here it comes, the question that they think will simply require a yes/no black and white answer. It may not always be that easy to provide that answer.... (read more)