Music Talk

The Raw Emotion of Folk Music

Aimee Otero | March 12, 2017

My love for Christian rock music will always be an extreme part of my life. ..., but a lot of you may not have known that I also strongly like that all too unmentioned category of Christian music....that genre which many sweep under their feet in belief of it being... (read more)

A Salute to Drummers

Linda | October 25, 2016

Rock Drummers, Backbone of a Band Drummers are the backbone of a band, setting the energy level, mood, and emotion of the music. A skilled drummer can change the feel of the music, creating a hard-driving energizing beat or a unique ambiance. Such a drummer can stay “in the pocket”... (read more)

Are They a Christian Band? (A loaded question)

Linda | October 23, 2016

What Is A Christian Band? You know when you are excited about a band’s music and you share it with someone and here it comes, the question that they think will simply require a yes/no black and white answer. It may not always be that easy to provide that answer.... (read more)

Not Stryper, Stryken

Linda | October 21, 2016

Stryken a Chord for Christian Metal Music The eighties had some Christian Metal bands with personality. You’ve no doubt heard of Stryper but have you heard of Stryken? Starting out in Arizona the Band started out with the name Stryker, founded by Dale and Steve Streiker in the 70's. They hired a... (read more)

A Family Affair: 5 Bands With Siblings That Rock

Linda | October 12, 2015

There is something captivating about brothers and sisters sharing a passion for music. Sharing the stage with siblings has to be a remarkable feeling. Imagine recounting the highlights of your latest show at a family gathering or with friends. Some bands that have found themselves in this unique position are:... (read more)

Garage Bands of the 60’s

Linda | May 12, 2012

“The ocean sounds like a garage band coming at me like a drunk man”. Have you heard that lyric from Switchfoot’s song “Vice Verses”? What is a garage band?  Well you would naturally think of it as an amateur band practicing in a garage with a loud, raw kind... (read more)