Song Lyrics Spotlight

TFK, Let the Sparks Fly

Linda | March 21, 2018

Let the Sparks Fly -There's no such thing as maybe, burn it like it's fading, No more hesitating, Let the sparks fly baby. Drive it like ya race it, You can call me crazy, I'm just tired of waiting, Let the sparks fly baby. Give me one if it's real... (read more)

Remedy Drive, Love is Our Weapon

Linda | March 14, 2018

The kingdom's under siege, I still believe we can overcome together till the fight is done - together no we won't go silent in the night, together we defend the city even to the end - stay with me. Love is our weapon of choice love is our weapon of... (read more)

Theocracy, Ghost Ship

Linda | March 10, 2018

Messenger of ages, carried on the wings of second birth Unto the silent secrets of the earth Justice generation, anthem for the sense of purpose we lost We rise above and count the cost We are the ones the others left behind Breath of life from the four winds Watch... (read more)


Linda | March 6, 2018

Target on my back, lone survivor lasts, They got me in the sights. No surrender, no trigger fingers, go, Living the dangerous life. Hey, hey, hey, everyday when I wake, I'm trying to get up, they knocking me down, Chewing me up, spitting me out. Hey, hey, hey, when I... (read more)