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Thousand Foot Krutch – I Get Wicked

Linda | May 12, 2012

How much do we take from people who push us to that point of complete anger and frustration? As Christians, we are instructed to love, forgive and turn the other cheek. When people really cross over that line and hurt us or those we love, it’s difficult to restrain our anger. God does not deal with his enemies gently and we as Christians have spiritual armor that can blow our rivals out of the water so to speak. We do have to remember, vengeance is the Lord’s, not ours. With the right perspective, this should be enough to help us let it go. God will call out our enemies as He did Jonah’s. They have the opportunity to repent and turn to Him but if they don’t, the punishment they receive will be coming from the throne room of justice. So let’s love our neighbors and pray for our enemies if they drive us to that wicked streak. If they insist on pursuing the battle, God will be there to take care of it. The battle is the Lord’s.



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