12 Stones – Picture Perfect

By Donn King
12 Stones, Picture Perfect

The 5th release from 12 Stones, Picture Perfect, is a good hard rock release with twelve tracks and two bonus songs make for a nice long album. 12 Stones is an American Christian post-grunge band that was formed in 2000 in Louisiana.  Their last release was Beneath the Scars in 2012, so they probably had plenty of material stored up to put into this album. My personal complaint is that the lyrics aren’t printed on the jacket and I love reading the lyrics. Picture Perfect is the title track. This is the official video released for it.


The songs are all solid mixing of heavy rock with some ballads. Lerlene stands out as a great ballad. I really like Blessing too. I’ve listened to the album a bunch of times and it’s just solid material. Nothing blows me away and doesn’t break new ground for them but they don’t need to. They put out consistently good music like bands Disciple and Skillet. They’ve had a few big crossover hits and just keep rocking along. If you like solid grunge to hard rock music, check these guys out and definitely give this album a listen. I’m giving it 3.5 stars out of 5. I think it’s a very solid release. Just wish they included the lyrics. They lost a half star for that.