Death Therapy – The Storm Before the Calm

By Donn King

This is the new project from Jason Wisdom, the former lead singer of Christian death metal band Becoming The Archetype. But he’s come up with a totally different sound while still getting his trademark growls into the vocals. What makes it so interesting is that for a metal band, there are no electric guitars. There’s a bass guitar, drums, and keyboard/synthesizers. It makes for a very electronic metal sound. It very interesting and I really like the different sound produced. I would say it compares to the secular band, Nine Inch Nails. A definitely different sounding metal and pretty unique to the Christian genre. My favorite song so far is Wake Me(when I’m dead). But make no mistake, Jason is a full on board Christian and it speaks in his music. My only complaint is that there’s no lyric book with the cd. It’ll take me time and google to delve deeper into the lyrics of this album. It’s a 10 song cd but several songs are short and this is more of a long EP, than a full album. I hope there’s a longer release not far down the road. I’d have to classify them as kind of industrial metal. It’s a sound I enjoyed in the 90s and it’s nice to see Christian music come out with this sound. I give the album a solid 4 stars out of 5 for a real good solid start. Can easily see them going to 5 stars with their next release.