Demon Hunter – Outlive

By Donn King

With lead vocalist, Ryan Clark’s side project of electronic pop, we were worried that they’d go soft. But worry no longer. The new release is plenty heavy. There is some electronic sound but it fits nicely. The album is a great release from a band that is just straight heavy metal. They don’t really fit a genre. They’re just straight up metal and they are in your face with it. One Less and Jesus Wept are the hardest tracks on the album. Died in My Sleep has that electronic sound I talked about but it’s still solid. The lyrics are solidly Christian. They’re in your face with their faith and I just love it. I may be biased but I love this album. It’s the release of the year so far in my opinion.

I give it a full 5 out 5 stars. I recommend you pick it up immediately.