Dire – Volume 1

By Donn King

This is Dire, an indie metal band from Georgia’s release from 2016. We can expect great things from these guys. The first track All Glory just hits you in the face with Christian metal. The growling in the chorus singing all glory to the one true God just blows you away. This is hardcore metal at its best. But wait, they also mix in some melodic hard rock. And they mix it in perfectly. It’s a well produced and mixed metal album. They are full-on Christ-centered lyrics. There’s some doubt these days as to how Christian some of these metal bands are but this is not one of those bands. They bring Christ to the forefront here. I read that they have signed with a record label and hoping for new music from them either late this year or early next. We can expect big things from these guys.

I give them a solid 4 out of 5 stars.