Disciple, Long Live The Rebels

By Donn King

What to say about Disciple? This is their 13th studio release and they continue to stay true to form. They’re always good with a nice mix of harder stuff and the power ballad and they do it again here. For me, the ballads God is with Us and Empty Grave are standouts. From empty grave, longtime vocalist Kevin Young sings, my scars had drowned out all my faith and goes on to say, where you resurrect me leaving an empty grave.

The whole album is solid stuff from a band that is just that, constantly solid. It’s another really good album from them. I have a lot of their albums and they never disappoint. It’s good, solid metal with Christ-centered lyrics at the forefront. What amazes me is that this band is as good as it gets in Christian metal but what I just can’t figure out how they just don’t have the crossover success like bands Skillet, Red, Thousand Foot Krutch and Demon Hunter have. But don’t get me wrong, they’re an extremely successful act with a good sized following.

For this album, I give them a solid 4 stars and hope they keep going for years to come.