Forfeit Thee Untrue

By Linda

Brimming with talent and creativity, FTU, a metalcore band from South Africa got their start in 2006 in Benoni, Gauteng.  The band members are  lead vocalist and guitarist, Gideon Karsten, lead guitarist and vocalist, Mitch Pearson, bassist, Eckard van Tonder, and drummer and percussionist, Craig Palmer. Brimming with musical talent and creativity, Forfeit Thee Untrue has made quite a splash with their first studio full-length album, Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam (2016), with the Rottweiler Record label. They have revealed that the name of the album means “the cremation of Jesus’ tears”.

FTU is on the cutting edge of metal in South Africa, the live metal scene still being somewhat small. They enjoy playing with the local metal bands with no immediate plans to come to the US. Hopefully, a tour including the US will unfold as they gain momentum. The band’s first release was their Blood Soaked Splinter EP in 2013 with the Sanctus Gladius record label. As far as the metalcore/hardcore genre, there is real depth lyrically and musically to FTU’s music. There is a passion for excellence in the execution of each song that comes across the soundwaves and captures the spirit. The spirit of the music is encompassed by their heart for God. In an interview by Mace Beard with Mitch Pearson of the band, at the end of the interview was asked if there’s anything else he had to say, to which he stated “Just that we wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere near this far if it had not been for Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. We don’t take credit for this album or the band. It is for His honour and we do what we do only for the furthering of His Holy Word.”

What is behind the band’s name? In a interview by His Divine Shadow the band explained, “Forfeit Thee Untrue” comes from an idea, philosophy and band mission statement to get rid of the fake areas in one’s life; whether it be in one’s own heart, at school, at work, in relationships, in politics, in religion, etc. and subsequently to strive for being yourself and being real, to drop the masks and to be/become the person God created you to be.” What a great mission statement. If you haven’t heard Forfeit Thee Untrue, listen to the Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam, you can listen to the album playlist on You Tube using the link below.


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