Journey to the Center of the Album

By Linda

The journey of discovering the heart of an album is exciting. I have always loved music, especially rock, metal, alternative, indie and all the “core’s”, rapcore, metalcore, etc. Writing album reviews, for me is totally not what you would typically consider a review. I don’t know the ins and outs of musical lingo or what the music should sound like. I only know what speaks to me. When a song carries me away because of its style, vibe, interesting guitar riffs, amazing drum sequences, captivating vocals and lyrical content, I jump on board. This entices me to learn more about where the musicians are going with it.

  • I listen to the entire album looking for themes and connections if they exist.
  • I take a thought journey by allowing the lyrics to evoke ideas and life experiences that are in line with where the songs are going
  • I listen over and over until I feel like I get it.
  • I ask myself, What is the band saying?
  • What emotions are the songs appealing to?
  • Do they strike a nerve?
  • Am I being inspired, moved to act?
  • What emotions are the lyrics drawing out of me?
  • I work at learning the lyrics word for word so I can sing along.

This is how the songs become a part of me. There’s nothing better for me than to sing with the band at a concert with all the ideas that have flooded my mind behind the experience. After I have immersed myself in the album I love to find interviews with the band about it, what it means to them and catch some of the themes of the songs. The whole experience of getting inside of an album is an amazing journey for me to the center. The heart of the album is where I want to be. This is what I share with you. So if you’re expecting a typical album review from someone who knows what fans are expecting, whether the album falls short of previous releases, how it compares to other bands in the genre or how it stands up musically, you won’t get that from me.