Lacey Sturm Rocks On with First Solo Album

By Linda

Lacey’s highly anticipated album, Life Screams was released in February of 2016 living up to the expectations of Lacey’s Flyleaf fans as well as taking her music in some new directions. Lacey’s band includes husband and guitarist, Josh Sturm, Tom Gascon, drummer and Ben Hull, bass player. After spending a decade fronting rock band, Flyleaf and gaining quite a following, it took some time for fans to adjust to Lacey’s new endeavors. She shares some of the reasons that she made the decision to step down from Flyleaf in this short, explanatory VIDEO. Having been given amazing gifts Lacey’s talents come with many responsibilities and decisions.  After having been saved out of life’s hard places and meeting God along the way, she knows who to go to for answers. Lacey peforms Flyleaf songs as well as her new solo music. Watch her video performance of the Flyleaf song, Rot HERE.

Having a story to tell, Lacey has been using her life experiences with not only her music but by speaking and writing. Lacey has written, The Reason, How I Discovered a Life Worth Living and most recently, The Mystery, Finding True Love in a World of Broken Lovers. Pouring herself out the way that she does has been a hope and encouragement to so many. We all need the hope that only God can provide, ultimately, and Lacey is quick to share where her hope comes from. She is a beautiful flower in the garden of hard rock, metal, post grunge and alternative music. Beauty pours from her lips, but also honesty. Nothing about her is cliche or scripted. She is genuine to the core. Listen to the song, Impossible from the Life Screams album HERE.

With Flyleaf’s vocalist, Kristen May leaving the band there has been talk of Lacey’s return. When asked about it, she doesn’t rule it out but also doesn’t have any current plans to return. Lacey and Josh Sturm have two sons,  Joshua “Jack” Lewis Sturm (Lewis after  C. S. Lewis, one of Lacey’s favorite authors) and  Arrow David Sturm. Life is busy, for sure with touring, writing new music, writing books and being a family. With both mom and dad endowed with musical gifts, it will be interesting to see whether Jack and Arrow will be blessed wth musical talent like mom and dad or their own unique gifts and talents.

Lacey has made quite a splash with the Life Screams album last year, even being the first solo women to top the hard rock billboard charts. We knew the album would be amazing and we were not disappointed. The album has certainly been one of the highlight album releases of 2016. We look forward to any future projects that Lacy and the team,  as she calls her band, embark upon.