Norma Jean, Polar Similar

By Donn King

From my first listen, this album just blows me away. Most albums take me a few listens to fall for, especially hardcore heavy metal. I like to read the lyrics and then listen again but that was not the case for this album.  It’s a perfect blend of screams and melodic singing. Everything just blends together in perfect harmony, with the lyrics going deep throughout the album dealing with abusive relationships. The band is not afraid to call abusers the cowards that they are. Norma Jean rocks as hard as any band out there, but more than that this is definitely the most polished that I’ve heard hardcore metal.

I first discovered Norma Jean back in 2006 right after getting saved and listened to Redeemer. I was shocked that Christian bands could sound like this. Norma Jean is more Christians in a band than a Christian band with some controversy to the lyrics. In the song 1,000,000 watts, they drop the f-bomb at the end of the song. It’s hard to hear but it’s there. I don’t agree with using curse words and try hard to avoid it myself. I think our language is to seasoned with salt but not salty but I will not condemn this album for their use of the word.

Quite simply this is my favorite album of 2016 and it was a stellar year for Christian music. I cannot recommend this album enough and can easily give 5 out of 5 stars. It may not be everyone’s taste but if you like good, hard metal, give this a listen.