Pillar – Disconnect

By Linda
picture of concert

It seems like we can’t go anywhere without our mobile devices these days. How connected should we be? Pillar’s song, Disconnect from their album One Love Revolution shares thoughts about today’s communication issues that have come about because it is so easy to keep in touch with everybody these days. Being connected anytime, anywhere with family and friends all over the world is simply amazing. But do we need a break from it regularly? Should we plan times of disconnection to clear our minds, take time to pray and connect with God and sort out our own thoughs? We can do our banking, shopping, dreaming, discovering, learning, researching, sharing and communicating all on our mobile devices. We can wake up to our phone’s alarm, check for messages or posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. We can check stock prices, the latest news, recipes; the possibilities are endless. But wait a minute, halt all communication, Pillar warns! There’s static in the air. Our messages are getting lost. We can’t always hear the message clearly. We don’t experience the emotion, the facial expressions, the human touch of the people we communicate with is lost in the translation. Was that text serious or sarcastic? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Was that article based on facts or opinions?

Disconnect, Discern and Reflect

Drowning in information, images, photos, videos, and news, how do we know what messages we can trust? We are bombarded with so much communication. Can our brains process this information efficiently? Do we take the time to step back, tune out the noise and reflect on what we have seen and heard online, discerning truth from fiction, good advice from lies? Can we rise above the noise and the lies and hear the truth instead? That is what Pillar’s message is saying to me. “Disconnect the lies put in our brain, disconnect the dots, disconnect the pain”. This is how the song ends. We can all use a little time off the grid. Maybe we can create a new national holiday when we all put down our devices and remember  or imagine what life was like before all of this connection. How painful would it be?

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