Red, of Beauty and Rage

By Aimee Otero

With an exceedingly growing career,  It is no surprise that Red once again makes an outstanding delivery.  This particular album; of Beauty and Rage is by far their greatest work yet. Although they are not known for an upbeat sound,  they nonetheless glorify their Creator with a raw and relative message upon a life of imperfection and the dire need for a Savior. When listening to this album,  I felt a deeper connection.  It was as though they had taken me on a journey through their pain. I had such a quenching for exactly what was being conveyed. – And then, I realized this phenomenal journey I was being taken to was my own. Yes, Red has done it again. My highest regards go to them.

My favorite tracks off of the album are The Ever and Yours Again. The Ever starts off with an array of different instruments and gradually builds its effect by vocal synchronization to allow its introduction into the chorus of this very powerful song.  I especially like where it says “But You saw more,  You saw my deepest part, with the light of a thousand stars.” What a realization that is…To know that the God of the universe would see us with light His hands created and still never look away, even when seeing our darkest parts…

Yours Again is no exception to the greatness that Red delivers.  From the beginning lyrics that say ” I can almost hear You breathing like a whisper in my ear. I remember how You lost me or how I lost You…” The realness of the Lords presence is made so relative here and it’s not merely in just a logical sense. It goes beyond with the confession that God was like a whisper in the ear. It admits the uncertainty of not fully knowing if God left or if we left Him. The fact that the song is in question lets us know that He was always there still working amidst the pain. Even the smallest indication of God is enough and that very often comes to us at first as our questioning. ..we are making that same realization of a presence being there whether we are aware of it being Him at the moment or not. The chorus of this song is taking its emotion and singing out that we are His again!

I would give this album a 5-star rating for sure.