Running with Giants

By Linda

What you think of when you think of giants? Huge, frightening, bullylike, loud, obnoxious, arrogant, paralyzing, these are some words that I think of. Of course, the biblical Goliath comes to mind and David’s encounter with him. On the other hand, there is “standing on the shoulders of giants”. These are pillars of the faith like Mose, Abraham, the apostle Paul, C.S. Lewis, Bonhoeffer, Tozer, and so many others that have had a huge impact for Christ. We admire their courage and strong faith. The song Running with Giants by Thousand Foot Krutch brings lots of thoughts to mind.

In a Loudwire exclusive, Frontman Trevor McNevan says of the single, “This song is about faith & trust, and staring our fears right in the face and saying, ‘No more. You have no shelter here.’” I like that! FDR said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”. There are dangers in this life that should be avoided and can cause problems. We do have to be wise with our risk-taking and adventures and not engage in foolish, destructive behavior. We have to remember the perils that are out there, but God has us here for a reason. As believers, I highly doubt that he wants us to play it safe. There is a whole world out there that needs to know the love of Christ and they are not always welcoming.

“Running with giants everywhere I go, It’s an unspoken alliance so I can just let go.”

When we band together to accomplish our mission for Christ, in prayer, in power, and in love, we are mighty.  No bullying giant can stop us whether internal (fear, emotions, pain, depression, etc) or external (Christ haters, government, etc) With the apostle Paul as our example, it is clear that we can railroad through every obstacle if we are moving in the will of God until the day he takes us home. Will we trip over stray debris on the journey? Yes. Will we hit road blocks that seem immovable? Yes. Will we feel like God has left us at times? Probably. Can we lift each other up when we hit those valleys? YES!

Let’s do this! Let’s make Jesus famous no matter what the cost. The world should know what an awesome, amazing, out of this world, loving, merciful Savior he is. If we don’t tell them, who will? Romans 10:4 in the Bible says, “But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” There it is. This is our call to action.

So when the giants in your life have got you in a stronghold, remember TFK’s song, Running with Giants. We can stand on the shoulders of the good giants, pillars of the faith that have gone before us and made their mark on the world for Christ.

“And I feel the pressure of ten men
When the floor cracks and the walls start moving in
I feel the strength that’s from within
Kickin’ down the doors and walls
We’re coming in”

Ask your friends to pray, support you and lift you up while you’re weak. That’s why it’s so important for the church to bind together. We are strong when we come together and we can kick those doors and walls right out of the way. We are giant for Christ when we let him work through us. Are you with me?