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Summer Rockfest 2017

Donn King | August 20, 2017

Five bands and almost 4 hours of awesome music. It was a $10 ticket that was seriously worth $100. Two weeks ago I drove up up to north country of New York in Carthage to see Seventh Day Slumber headline their Summer Rockfest tour.
Opening the show was an all girl band called Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. And I mean girl, cause these are all 3 teenage sisters playing their version of metalcore they funnily refer to as beautycore. Maggie is the lead vocalist and she can scream with the best of them and would give even Lacey Sturm a run for her money. So we were off and running and rocking.


Next up was the band, The Protest. An up and coming hard rock band. Though I’d say they’re metal. Very heavy set and just awesome. And no break at all. Drum sets being shared, meant there was only about a 10-15 minute break between acts. Really liked these guys and bought their album. Good stuff. Definitely on their way to hitting it big onto a bigger record label.


Next up was the band Scarlet White. They’re a hard rock band with more good original music glorifying God. They’re a band that has done extensive touring and another band on the edge of hitting it big. Everyone so far has played short 5-6 song sets but they’re rocking pretty hard.

Next up is the final opening act of the night, Random Hero. They played a little longer set and from looking at their merch table, they have a bunch of albums out. And man, are they good. They have a great stage presence and really got the crowd involved. They’ve got a great sound and definitely comparable to Disciple and Skillet. And that ended the opening acts and was I full of energy. All the bands were very open about their faith and glorifying God. Even though it was a tiny crowd there, these bands were giving their best and it was much appreciated.


Now onto the main event, Seventh Day Slumber. Took about 20 minutes to set up but they hit the stage guns ablazing. Full on assault of hard rock and fire for pyrotechnics. But they would put on more than just a rock show. Joseph Rojas is the lead singer and shared his amazing testimony including the 20 plus year history of the band. These guys hit all their hits(of which there are many) and some cover songs. Hunger Strike originally played by Chris Cornell and mother love bone was a well done cover. Worship song, from the inside out was beautifully done. But Joseph also threw in some preaching with an altar call. The music was phenomenal but feeling the Holy Spirit working at a hard rock/metal show was just amazing. Seventh Day Slumber put on a beautiful show. But it was more than that. It was a full on ministry of sorts.


This was one of my favorite Christian shows I’ve been to. It rocked hard but yet, there was testimony, preaching and full on honoring God. What a phenomenal experience that has put me back on a spiritual high of sorts. If you get the chance, definitely check out each one of these bands. I went on a spending spree and bought all the opening acts’ albums. I’ll be posting those reviews soon. I already owned the whole discography of Seventh Day Slumber except for their early stuff from the late 90s which is now mine. But they do have a brand new release that is blowing me away. Review coming.
But this was definitely a five star show for me. Just loved it and loving how it’s made me feel.


Linda Fau


With a passion for Rock and Roll with a purpose-driven message, I've dedicated myself to providing you with all the best news and resources possible for Rock 'n Roll with a Purpose. Rock on!

Creation Festival, Creation 2017, Creation NE

Creation NE Main Stage, June 28

Linda | June 26, 2017

Creation 2017 is upon us. The Main Stage is about to be fired up on Wednesday, June 28th. Introducing some of the bands that will bring us those incredible musical moments that we will long remember.

Starting at the main stage at 4:25 pm,  Written in Kings, from the UK will break in Creation 17. The band states that they“strive to change the atmosphere wherever they are.”  Everything WIK strives for is excellence, whether it is in live performance or recorded music, the hope is that it will change your world, even if just for a moment. Captured in the moment with Written in Kings rocking our world sounds like a great way to start the festival.

Next to hit the stage at 5:00 pm will be Jordan Copas. Jordan is a rapper with a calling from God that brought him through difficult years. God is using him, an unlikely candidate (like the rest of us) being used to reach people for God’s glory.

What started out as a one night worship gathering featuring what was then called “Solomon’s Porch” in 2008 at Calvary Chapel in Carson City, Nevada has brought us the super talented band now called “I Am They” begins at 5:50 pm. They have been categorized in the genres of worship, Christian rock, pop, country, folk rock, pop and country pop but whatever genre you put them in, this will be a beautiful, inspirational and worshipful concert under the stars. This will set the audience up in the attitude of worship to sing our hearts out to the Lord in the worship time led by Sorensen.

Bread of Stone is set to hit the stage at 8:30 pm. The band was established in 2004 with music that includes pop, rock and praise. Ben and Bill Kristijanto, followed their father’s advice when he shared with them that he felt the brothers had a calling to music ministry. “We have never set out to make a statement of ourselves as artist,” said Bill Kristijanto, “We are able to do so only through God’s grace.” The band released their 5th album, Hold the Light in 2016. This Bread of Stone video features with their single, The Change features Beacon Light.

The closing performance at 9:50 pm is the one and only Crowder.  What an amazing collection of music this talented artist has given us. He is passionate about his Jesus and ours. His songs are injected with faith in God, worshipful, inspirational, and can break into a hoe-down at any time. He is classified in the genres of contemporary Christian, worship and folktronica.  His former band “The David Crowder Band” formed in 1996  It disbanded in 2012. Crowder’s songs permeate the Christian music airwaves. His most recent album is called “American Prodigal“.

This will wrap up the first night of Creation NE, Main Stage.

Linda Fau


With a passion for Rock and Roll with a purpose-driven message, I've dedicated myself to providing you with all the best news and resources possible for Rock 'n Roll with a Purpose. Rock on!

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