Theocracy, Ghost Ship

By Donn King

This interesting band fits into the genre called power metal, which is more popular in Europe than in the US. It reminds me a lot of Stryper or from early Dream Theater from the secular scene. There’s no screaming and you can easily hear the lyrics. My favorite song is, “The Wonder Of It All.” A bit of the lyric is, “giving to receive, you’ll be exalted through humility. True freedom found through slavery. Behold: What a mystery. Last shall be first, a living water for eternal thirst. Two natures and a virgin birth, all woven in this story’s tapestry.” In Around the World and Back, they sing, “Grace has a way of building hope out of despair. Peel back layers of the baggage that you bear. And watch your great confusion vanish in the air.” Also give a listen to, A Call To Arms. There’s no doubt through these lyrics that this a Christian band, not simply a band made up of Christians. The heavy metal genre is filled with both, which each have their place. There is no doubt that Theocracy is a full-on Christian band wearing their faith from head to toe in their lyrics.

 4 out of 5 stars. Overall, very close to perfect. Give them a try.

Album Review by Donn King