Toby Mac, The Hits Deep Tour

By Donn King

WOW! Just blown away by this show. The set up was 2 stages, a main stage and front stage connected by a catwalk. This kept the show flowing. Hollyn opened on the front stage with three songs. Then Capital Kings hit the main stage and played a short set of their dance music style with Hollyn joining in for a song. I’m not a club guy but it was energetic and made you feel like dancing. Next up, Ryan Stevenson hit the front stage and played another short set with his hits. He mixed in a little acoustic set and some rap. Interesting mix, look forward to hearing him do a full set this summer. Next up was Mandisa on the main stage and she was awesome. She’s been gone since 2013 when a tragedy hit her life and she walked away from God and music. But her story went on to show how she’s made her way back. Her songs and testimony were inspiring. Mac Powell from Third Day fame was next with his country band. He’d played a nice little set of his Third Day hits, some gospel and a little of his country music. Then Matt Maher took the main stage and hit most of his worship favorites. His band is awesome and I loved that we got some straight worship at this show. Then we took a short break with a short testimony for the Feed the Hungry charity.

After the break,¬†Tobymac and his Diverse City band hit the stage wth a set that lasted 70 minutes or so. He hit all his more recent hits going back to 2006. What a showman Toby is! His band is unreal good, too! Mandisa, Hollyn, Ryan Stevenson and Matt Maher all had guest appearances and Toby bounced between stages. This show was awesome and the stage shows were very professional. There were great Jesus stories and testimonies mixed in with the music and the songs were all Christ-centered. This show was as good as any secular show I’ve ever seen. It was so good that I definitely recommend seeing if you get a chance. This isn’t typically my style of music but these guys make you want to jump up and dance for Jesus!¬†Tobymac has had a long and illustrious career and puts on one phenomenal show. Tickets were inexpensive and I was 3 rows up from the floor on the left side of the stage but could see everything with both stages and there were screens too. The show was close to a sellout. It was pretty packed. Great job by the sound guys as the show sounded fantastic.

I don’t usually rate a concert but these guys deserve 5 out of 5 stars.