Top Ten 2021 Albums

By Donn King

It was a heavy metal year for me since these metal bands released albums that really impacted me last year. These are my top ten albums for 2021 with links to playlists for your listening. I included EPs in the list too.

1) Phinehas – The Fire Itself

2) Convictions – I Won’t Survive

Convictions - I Won't Survive - EP Review

3) Impending Doom – Hellbent

4) Relent – Heavy

Light in the Dark: “Heavy” by Relent – Rock On Purpose

5) Bloodlines – Hevel

Bloodlines - Hevel (CD) - Music Online | Raru

6) Silent Planet – Iridescent

Iridescent (album) - Wikipedia

7) Death Therapy – Melancholy Machines Death Therapy, "Melancholy Machines" Review

8) Love and Death – Perfectly Preserved

Perfectly Preserved.jpg

9) Wage War – Manic

Manic (Wage War album) - Wikipedia

10) War of Ages – Rhema

War of Ages - Rhema (EP Review) | Metal Trenches: Because You Need To Be  Told What To Listen To