Wolves At The Gate

By Linda

Creativity in the hardcore genre is desperately needed and this is a band that delivers those song arrangements that don’t disappoint. On the band’s website wolvesatthegate.com they are described as “a forward-thinking, art-minded group whose music is as cerebral and nuanced as it was ferocious and deliciously heavy.” Wolves At The Gate is a hardcore Christian metal band from Cedarville, Ohio. They have been around since 2008 but only Stephen Cobucci and drummer, Abishai are original members. The band released two independent albums before signing with Solid State Records in 2011. Their newest release is their fourth with Solid State.

Reviewer, Christopher Geriak giving his thoughts of a previous album, VxV not speaking well of Christian rock and metal music in general, says of WATG that they “are a Christian post-hardcore band that contains the typical “Jesus saves” lyrics, so you would expect to hate them because of it. However, there’s a surprise at the end of the tunnel, especially when it comes to VxV.” (2014) He also says of the band that they write and perform their music with the feel of an ongoing mission in mind giving them a passion that is radiated to their audiences. This is an interesting perception from a non-Christian reviewer watching Wolves At The Gate burn with a fire for God. Though those that watch the fire may not buy the message, they can’t deny that the band is burning with passion to share it. This is an exciting perception of what people are noticing about Wolves At the Gate.

A few weeks before their newest release on November 4th,  Types and Shadows, Stephen Cobucci, lead singer and founder of WATG and his wife introduced a baby boy AND baby girl (yes, twins) into their lives. In an interview on The Riot on RadioU Stephen discusses sleepless nights with the twins, shares about his other job and his thoughts about the new album. Though WATG has been known to tour extensively, gaining an impressive following that way,  the band will be laying low with touring for a while, staying close to home to give Stephen and his wife some precious family time with their newborn twins.

Never wavering in their vocal stance on their faith, WATG has said their mission is to “show the incredible love of God to every person we come in contact with”, WATG strongly believes that “the salvation message of the Gospel is free to everyone, and our primary purpose on this earth is to spread that message to everyone we meet.” (Wikipedia) The single, Flickering Flame, from the new album, speaks of how faith can flicker like a flame at times in our lives, discussing how we often try to self-motivate to counter this without success. Instead, we are encouraged to focus on God’s love, which never changes, even if our faith does.

Early reviews of the new album seem to reveal that hardcore fans are feeling a little disappointed that the band has toned their sound down a bit. For the same reason, the band is picking up new listeners that like the new album having more  melodic clean vocals balancing the screams. Many are enjoying the maturity and strong faith message of the album as well. The song, Fountain, includes lines from an old hymn from the 1700’s “There is a Fountain Filled with Blood,” written by William Cowper . David Craft of Jesusfreakhideout wrote an excellent review of the album.


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  1. Types & Shadows, 2016 (Solid State)
  2. Reprise EP, 2015 (Solid State)
  3. VxV, 2014 (Solid State)
  4. Back To School EP, 2013 (Solid State)
  5. Captors, 2012 (Solid State)
  6. We Are the Ones EP, 2011 (Solid State)
  7. We Are the Ones EP, 2011 (independent)
  8. Pulled From the Deep, 2010 (independent)

Band Members:

  • Steve Cobucci — clean vocals, guitars (2008–present)
  • Ben Summers — bass, backing vocals (2008–present)
  • Nick Detty — unclean vocals, piano (2012–present)
  • Abishai Collingsworth — drums (2015–present)